1. Are children allowed to attend the event?

    Yes children are allowed to attend, however, you must purchase a ticket if your child is old 

​     enough to sit in a chair.

2. How much are the cost of tickets?

    Tickets are $65 and $55 for seniors. More information including pricing can be found on our ​​Tickets page.

3. What is the dress code, should I dress up for the event?

    We're asking guests to come in business casual to semi-formal attire. If you have anymore

     questions please feel free to Contact us.

4. Who will be the guest speaker?

     More information about the guest speaker is available on our Keynote ​Speaker page.

5. Will there be vending?

     Yes, there will be a preselected group of vendors that will compliment the ambiance of the show.

6. What are the award categories?

     Visit our Honorees Page.

7. Will we break for prayer?

Yes we will be break for prayer. More details on the schedule of the show will included in the program provided to attendees.

8. Can tickets be purchased online?

    Yes, tickets will be available for purchase online. Please see our Tickets

     page for more information.

​9. Can I remove my hijab at this all women's event?

No, with sincere advice from our sheikh, Dr. Tahir Wyatt, UMM advises all the believing women to maintain the adab of covering as the event is still in a public venue. Wait staff or other male personnel may enter the area for emergency reasons. Photographs may be taken with a sister who has taken their hijabs off in the background. Or the looks of an uncovered woman my become fodder for gossip. So as it stands our position is do not remove your hijab at this and other public events.