Meet Our 2019 Designers
Exclusive Originals 

Habibah Nur began her sewing career 42 years ago in Philadelphia Pa. She's self taught and began making her own clothes at the tender age of 13. The experience she gained by making clothes for family and friends helped her to master her craft. With her creative ability she has designed and pysically altered many garments for men, woman and children. Habibah opened her first boutique in 2004 catering to the muslim community; her knowledge of high quality fabrics along with her creativity results in garments that are made with quality and are sure to last a long time.

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Gwen Dawan

Based in Philadelphia, Gwen graduated from a trade school of design where she majored in tailoring. She also studied the trade at a local College of Art.  She has been designing since 1979. She started her career at a dance company designing and making patterns.  She later worked for a textile company that manufactured and sold interfacing to the fashion industry. Interfacing is a fiber that’s put inside of clothing to give it shape and body. It was her job to find interfacing and fabrics that were compatible. This was a very important stepping stone that helped her skill of making suits. Later, she and two partners formed a company called Designers Niche.  Designers Niche was successful in manufacturing and distributing high fashion clothing to boutiques.  Afterwards, Gwen entered another partnership to create Water Colors.  Water Colors specialized in the creative design of skirts and blouses and was distributed and sold in boutiques in major cities across the country.  Currently, Gwen is designing and producing clothes under her private label that carries her name. Designing and producing women’s suits are still her passion. This spring’s collection of bright and cheerful suits and coordinating pieces are shaped for modesty and designed to make a statement. A statement to be worn for years, never dated.

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Lubna's Closet 

Lubna Muhammad is the driving force behind Lubna's Originals,She has been designing clothing for the American Muslim woman for forty years,as well as mainstream fashion.A graduate of the prestigious High School of Fashion Industries and Parsons School of design in New York City. Lubna Muhammad also graduated from Traphagen School of Design on Park Ave South, where she studied Art and Color theory.Lubna designs Modest Ethnic Clothing,  where East meets West in fashionable Apparel, consistently on the cutting edge of fashion through new ideas and modern influences. Travel being a major inspiration,f rom Egypt to Morocco, Senegal, Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Côte Ivoire ,Jamaica and beyond, the sights and sounds even the smells have influenced the collections.Lubna Muhammad's Fashions have been featured in several mainstream publication such as, Azizah magazine, Essence magazine, and Vogue Paris where original pieces were worn by Latoya Jackson. 

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Latifah Ali Liawear
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LiaWear Action inspires covered girls of all faiths... 

to hold fast to what they believe and embrace who they are. That’s why we hand pick collections of performance apparel that keeps you covered while you’re at the gym, pool, studio or anywhere in between. As Muslim women we value modesty ourselves. We have been the custom fitness apparel brand exclusively for modest women since 2011. Latifa Ihsan Ali, the LIA of LiaWear has custom designed hundreds of activewear sets for women wanting to break barriers, honor their bodies and finish cross lines. She uses her talent, skill and heart to empower women who want to win big!

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